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terracotta: towards
a sustainable

2018 Sustainability Awards finalist. Architect: Raffaelo Rosselli /Luigi Rosselli Architects / Builder: Jim Miliotis for GroundUp Building / Façade construction: Callum Coombe Landscape Architect: William Dangar Associates / Structural & Hydraulic Consultant: Charles Blunt for Rooney & Bye (Australia) Photography: Prue Ruscoe, Ben Hosking and Raffaello Rosselli

Terracotta is making a significant comeback in sustainable architecture. As architects and designers seek sustainable solutions, terracotta stands out for its ability to enhance aesthetic appeal while promoting environmental responsibility.

lower CO2 emissions; lasts for centuries

Being an environmentally responsible material, terracotta is transforming the world of new builds. Crafted from natural clay, it aligns seamlessly with eco-conscious principles. Its production process leaves a minimal environmental footprint compared to heavily processed alternatives and its recyclable nature adds to its sustainability profile. Finally, its thermal insulation properties contribute to energy efficiency, reducing reliance on artificial heating and cooling systems.

Terracotta stands the test of time, embodying durability like no other. With proper installation, it boasts a lifespan for many centuries, requiring minimal maintenance. Its steadfast resistance to weathering, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations ensures that your terracotta facades remain pristine for years to come.

the material
of high-end projects

Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech / Studio KO | ArchDaily / Photo © Dan Glasser

In the hands of visionary professionals, terracotta becomes a canvas for boundless creativity. From smooth finishes to intricate textures, terracotta panels offer a spectrum of design possibilities. Dive into a palette of earthy tones, shaping your visions into reality with diverse shapes and patterns. Let your creations narrate stories of elegance, luxurious aesthetic and innovation.

Terracotta’s natural patina over time adds a unique and dynamic character to any application.

beyond the material

The Center for Asian Art, clad in jade-colored terracotta tiles from Boston Valley Terra Cotta. / Architect: Machado Silvetti / Photos: ©Anton Grassl/Esto

Terracotta, transcends mere clay and kiln to embody timeless artistry and modern innovation. Its warm, earthen hues, sometimes adorned with a gleaming glaze, tell tales of history while promising a sustainable future. Each tile, crafted with care, adds natural beauty and durability to spaces. Terracotta combines the essence of the earth with strength and elegance, paving the way for future design.

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