Handmade Tiles

We have a big passion for handmade tiles and that is why we carry the wider selection in the Greek market. Ceramic handmade tiles can be very easily suited to all kinds of spaces, homes, cottages, and workspace. 

You can choose from warm colours that feel like the natural stone, marble and the warmth of wood, to soft pastels for a more minimal look. We can always add hand painted décor and listelli for a special touch. Nature lovers can always cover their floors with hand made cotto which is the ultimate natural and ecological material that will keep your floor warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


The choice of tiles always plays a significant role to the aesthetic outcome we are seeking, whether we are covering the floor of our house, our bathroom or our kitchen. It always feels right to be inspired by nature around us and our effort to do so can be extended to our choice of tiles. 

We are offering a wide selection of more than 400 colours in ceramic tiles, marble terrazzo, cocciopesto, mosaics, décor and hand painted listelli. After carefully studying your architectural drawings, we are able to propose many solutions so you can choose the one that will make your personal space unique, pleasant, and challenging or anything that fits your taste and requirements. 

Graniglia Marble Terrazzo

Graniglia’s ingredients are natural: crushed marble, white cement, natural acids and water. The mixture is poured into old moulds,  compressed and mixed in special machines, air dried, and polished according to the customer's choice.

You can combine many colours and designs that are in harmony with the tradition and art of the late 19th century’s historical buildings. That is why marble terrazzo is perfect for the restoration of neoclassical buildings, since they still use the same old moulds and techniques.

Non Handmade Tiles

We offer a wide variety in non handmade, glazed and manufactured tiles, of excellent quality durability and aesthetics. They can be used everywhere: floors, kitchen tops, bathrooms, fireplaces, even table tops.